Edi FAQ 

(1) What is Edi is all about ?
     Edi is an interactive text based GUI Editor for Linux. It has C/C++ syntax highlighting, a rich set of menus, multiple window support and much more. It is mainly aimed at making people more comfortable with the Linux environment. This editor avoids the need for a new Linux user to learn the VI editor and its not-so-friendly user interface.

(2) How do I install Edi in Linux ?

 This involves the following steps.

 --> Download the source files to your Linux
 --> just type 'make'
 --> copy the "edi" file to your executable directory

 We have planned to provide a basic installer for Edi. This will (hopefully) be included in next version of Edi.

(3) FAQ seems to be very small...
 Yes, This is very small. This page is still under construction. Please wait for the full featured release of documentation on Edi.